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Firagiel.com is an independent software house based in Jatiasih, Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia. The purpose of this website is giving respects to software developers by contributing to develop commercial grade software. This website is also intended to share knowledge of any technical materials such as tutorial and paper. Thanks for anybody who contributes any paper uploaded here.

Technical Software Products of Firagiel.com are: 


IstiChartLib is a simple C++ library for making chart or graph using wxWidgets library. It is free, easy, and very customizable. It will be very helpfull for developers who needs tool for making mathematical plot in their applications. 

Updated News: IstiChartLib 1.0 is released (2016-01-26).


LogView++ is an advance application to help  engineer, geologist, or petrophysicist  to manage oil & gas well log data. It has a lots of features that makes it perfect for you as day to day working software.
LogView++ 2014

Updated News: Since 20 Jan 2016, LogView++ has been bought-back by Firagiel.com.

Safira Digitizer Safira Digitizer is free software built to help digitizing image (chart, map, etc.) to become number / numeric to be used for further calculations.
Safira Digitizer
Agiel Neural Network (AgielNN) AgielNN is an implementation of Artificial Neural network that could be used to forecast any of correlated variables. I build this software since i was inspired by ANFIS interface of the powerful scientific software MATLAB.

Updated News: New version of AgielNN 2.0 has been released since 06 July 2014. AgielNN now have many additional options for training, support custom chart setting and direct copy paste from excel. Try the new easiest and free neural network implementation...

SafiraPVT SafiraPVT is a small program to generate PVT table using correlation if the PVT lab data is not available.  It will help engineer, especially who deal with reservoir simulation, to generate the pable of Rs, Bo, Uo, Bg, and Ug as a function of pressure and temperature.


Updated News: The first released version of SafiraPVT 1.0 is ready.

Agiel Nodal (ANodal) 

{under development}

ANodal is an engineering software (specifically petroleum engineering) to conduct nodal analysis of oil & gas well. It can also be used to analyze production network pressure system.

Agiel Nodal
Prospect Assesment

This is an excel spreadsheet with macros to calculate oil or gas prospect in-place and recoverable reserves based on Monte Carlo simulation.

Water Coning in Gas Well

This is an excel spreadsheet with macros to calculate water coning in gas well using Trimble & DeRose method.

Water Influx

This is an excel spreadsheet to calculate water influx as an effect of pressure decline in the reservoir.


Android Application of Firagiel.com: 

Math One

Math One

This is an application that will be very helpful for children especially for 1st grader to learn about mathematical problems. It is developed based on a curriculum that is appropriate for them.


All software developed by Firagiel.com are developed using c++ programming language and free software development kits.  Here, I would like to thanks to developers of the following extraordinary products I used:

Updated News:

LogView++ has been bought-back by Firagiel.com. Be ready for another enhancement of LogView++ in the near future.

Two new technical papers are added to Firagiel.com.

New android application "Math One" and "Hitung Satu" is released.

The first Released version of SafiraPVT 1.0 is released.

The alpha version of SafiraPVT 0.1 is released.


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