Firagiel.com is an independent software house based in Jatiasih, Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia. The purpose of this website is giving respects to software developers by contributing to develop commercial grade of software. This website is also intended to share knowledge of any technical materials such as tutorial and paper. Firagiel.com would like to thank to anybody who contributes any materials uploaded in this website.

All software & materials released by Firagiel.com in this website are available for free. However, should anybody consider to contribute to maintain this website, even a small donation would really be appreciated.

Following items are some of products developed by Firagiel.com:

Technical Software

Android Application

Technical Papers

  • Challenges of Modelling Volatile Oil Reservoir (Case Study: Fushia Prospect)
  • Maximizing the Utilization of Well Log Data to Deliver Realistic Permeability Model by Combining Neural Network and Geostatistical Approach
  • Understanding The Uncertainties In Geomodeling Process, An Awareness for Risks Mitigation (Case Study of “S” Field, East Sulawesi)
  • Important Role of Adaptive Neuro – Fuzzy Inference Systems on Reservoir Facies Determination (Case Study S-Field)
  • Diagenetic Events as The Key Improvement of Carbonate Reservoir Quality in The S Field, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
  • Fracture and Carbonate Reservoir Characterization using Sequential Hybrid Seismic Rock Physics, Statistic and Artificial Neural Network: Case Study of North ‘T’ Field
  • SPE-164641: Developing Realistic Depletion Plan of “S” Field using Coupled Reservoir – Surface Network Simulation
  • Carbonate Reservoir Characterization and Its Use of Reservoir Modeling
  • SPE-150822: Multiple EOS Fluid Characterization for Modeling Gas Condensate Reservoir with Different Hydrodynamic System: A Case Study of S-Field
  • 1D Waterflood Performance Prediction Model using Computer Programming Approach
  • Development Plan of “SUGI” Field
  • DFE04-OR-007: Prominent S Gas Field Discovery in Central Sulawesi


All software released by Firagiel.com are developed using C++ & Java programming language and free software development kits.  Hereby, Firagiel.com would like to thanks to developers of the following extraordinary products we used: