Tutorial 1: IstiChartLib Basic

In this tutorial, I will show how simple is IstiChartLib for making simple plot.

Generally, the library consist of 6 Classes:

  1. istiChartAxis, for customizing axis
  2. istiChartLegend, for customizing the legend
  3. istiChartMarker, for customizing chart series marker
  4. istiChartPanel, panel for plotting the chart
  5. istiChartSeries, series of data to be plotted, and
  6. istiChartXY, the chart itself

For making simple chart, we dont have to deal with all of them. Simply use the istiChartPanel. Please see the following Test1 sample in IstiChartDemo code:

1   istiChartPanel *chart1 = new istiChartPanel(pnlCommonXY);
2   wxBoxSizer *box1 = new wxBoxSizer(wxHORIZONTAL);
3   box1->Add(chart1, 1, wxEXPAND);
4   pnlCommonXY->SetSizer(box1);

5   chart1->GetChart().SetTitle(“Common XY Chart Demo”);
6   for (int x = 0; x < 20; x++) {
7      istiChartSeries seri(“Chart-” + toString(x+1, -1));
8      VectorDouble VX, VY;
9      for (int i = 0; i <= 1000; i++) {
10         VX.push_back((double)i/10); //Data X
11         VY.push_back((x+1)*sin((double)i/10.0/(x+5)*PHI)); //Data Y
12     }
13     seri.SetData(VX, VY);
14     chart1->GetChart().AddSeries(seri);
15  }
16  chart1->GetChart().GetLegend()->SetMaximumColumn(2);
17  chart1->Update();

line 1-4:  It is making istiChartPanel as a child of pnlCommonXY. It is actualy as simple as wxPanel in general. Don’t be bothered with pnlCommonXY. It can be any wxPanel or even your main wxFrame.

Line 5:  Create the title of the chart

Line 6-15: It is used to make 20 chart series and adding the series to the chart. Each series has 1000 data of X and Y that is stored in VectorDouble VX and VY which is actually similar to vector<double> in std C++ library.

Line 16:  Make the legend to have 2 column

Line 17: Draw the chart.


If nothing wrongs occur, the result should be like this:



Written by: Sugiyanto Suwono

Januari 26, 2016

One thought on “Tutorial 1: IstiChartLib Basic

  1. Great work there!
    i need to create a chart with x column having a double while y having dates?

    Please give me an idea on the values of VX and VY

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