1D Waterflood Performance…

1D Waterflood Performance Prediction Model using Computer Programming Approach

By Sugiyanto


One of the simplest ways to predict performance of well to well water flood project is using 1D immiscible displacement model. Based on Buckley and Leverett (1942) well-developed presentation called frontal displacement theory, performance of water saturation before, at, and after breakthrough can be easily correlated.

Frontal displacement theory involves 2 main equations which are Fractional Flow Equation and Frontal Advance Equation. In the early stage of analysis, it is combining fractional flow equation with Darcy’s equation to construct fractional flow curve as a function of water saturation. And then, using frontal advance equation, water saturation profile can be plotted as a function of distance and time. Finally, all parameters related to reservoir, injector & surrounding producer performance can be predicted immediately. Furthermore, by alternating values of water & oil viscosities, dip angle, and injection rate, it is also possible to determine the best configuration of water injection well that should be designed to gives more value to our objectives.

1D water flood model is mostly constructed by manually playing in the fractional flow & its derivative curve. Hence, it is time consuming, error reading sensitive, and also makes it uneasy to iterate the model using a range of value of affecting variables to construct sensitivity model. Dealing with that, here the author proposed a computer programming logic to ease its computation and reduce ratio of error due to its chart reading sensitive.


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