Agiel Neural Network

Agiel Neural Network (AgielNN) is an implementation of Artificial Neural Network that can be utilized to forecast any of correlated variables. Engine used in this AgielNN is Fast Neural Network Library (FANN).

Agiel Neural network

Updated News: AgielNN 2.0 has been release since 07 July 2014.




Key features of this AgielNN are:

  • Easy Data Preparation.
  • Easy Neural Network Setup
  • Flexible Training & Checking
  • Flexible Forecasting
  • Simple Export & Import

AgielNN is built using Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012, CodeBlock 13.12, wxWidgets 3.0.0 GUI Library, and Fast Artificial Neural Network Library (FANN).

AgielNN is licensed using GNU Public License v3.0 (GPLv3).  Thus, please feel free to modify the source as termed by the license.