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This is an application that will be very helpful for children especially for 1st grader to learn about mathematical problems. It is made based on a curriculum that is appropriate for them. Here is the materials presented in the application:

  • Counting the numbers up to 20
  • Count the number of objects up to 20
  • Addition of numbers up to 20
  • Completion of summation problems with image
  • Reduction in number to 20
  • Completion of the problems with the reduction images
  • Understand the order of the day
  • Understand the order of month
  • Understand the analog clock
  • Completion of the problems of calculation hours
  • Understand the length of the object
  • Understand the weight of the object
  • Understand the types of shapes
  • Counting the numbers up to 99
  • Count the number of objects up to 99
  • Comparing the number of objects
  • Placing tens and ones
  • Addition of numbers to 99 by counting image
  • Stack-able addition
  • Reduction of the number to 99 by counting the remainder of the picture
  • Advance reduction
  • Advance addition with extra

Math One is divided into several levels. At each level is provided simple instructions to provide basic theory about that will be tested. Each level will have 20 questions. To pass a certain level, the minimum score is 70. If the score is less than 70 then the next level will still be locked.

It can be download here (Google Play Store):

Math One Free

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Screenshot of Math One can be found here