Safira PVT

SafiraPVT is a small program to generate PVT table using correlation if for some reason the PVT lab data is not available.  It will be very useful for engineer, especially who deal with reservoir simulation. Simulation model require PVT data such as Rs, Bo, Uo, Bg, and Ug as a function of pressure and temperature. This software will help engineer to create the PVT table only in a single click.


How to use:

  • Provide the minimum required data: Oil API gravity, Solution GOR, Gas Gravity, and gas impurities content (if available).
  • Design the targeted condition, pressure and temperature, and the number of rows of data to be generated.
  • Click “Calculate” to generate PVT table and chart.
  • Click “Copy Table” to copy table values, and paste it in excel or notepad for further editing.
  • Click “Refresh Chart” to update the graphic.

Future development road-map:

  • Implement multiple option of correlation to be used for calculation.
  • Implement export option for other software (such as simulator).
  • Implement advance compositional PVT modeling.

You can download the released version of SafiraPVT here.

Run perfectly on the following operating system: Windows Xp, 7, 8.1